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My name is Robin Robinson-Myhand. I am a Personal Development Guide, author, speaker, and founder of New Phase of Life. I provide guidance, resources, and tools that encourage, empower, and equip people to embrace their own unique greatness and find their own unique path.

I’ve been through a few life events such as discovering that I was married to a sociopath, divorce, relationship disappointments (romantic, family, and friends), developing uterine fibroids which resulted in a hysterectomy, losing a job, job disappointments and I recently became a widow.

My journey to becoming a Personal Development Guide began with my own quest for self-discovery and knowledge.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the person that people would come to talk about their personal or work lives with. I’m a good listener and I’ve always enjoyed learning and sharing information with people. Several times I thought of becoming a teacher but the traditional track of education just never really appealed to me. 

I took a class on what were you born to do. During the class, I had questions and suggestions for everyone in the class. I realized that what was taking place in the class was what I do on a regular basis with friends and family. I was in my zone. I looked at the instructor’s credentials and saw Life Coach as one of them. I did some research and decided to pursue coaching because I wanted to work with people and help them move forward in their lives.

I am passionate about helping my clients grow and improve as individuals.

I believe that people have the power to change their circumstances.

I am passionate about helping people to become comfortable with who they are.

My personal experiences have provided me with the skill set and diversity to help people to embrace self-confidence and to reach their full potential while being true to themselves.

I am straight forward. I tell it like it is, with honesty, compassion, and humor.


This session was enlightening and helped me to identify with and understand the problem with having expectations of others.
(A. Earls)

This workshop gave me great tools to meditate on and to assist me in other areas of my life. Thanks Robin.
(J. Noble) 

My biggest learning from the session came from the realization that you have to be willing to let go of expectations we have of others when we haven’t faced why those expectations exist for ourselves.
(P. Clements)

This was a great workshop. Robin was well prepared and had an easy to use handout. It had information to use now and in the future.
(R. Trammel)

I loved this event. This was information that everyone can learn from to enrich their lives and relationships with others. Robin exceeded my expectations!
(I. Green) 

This workshop truly helped me not to become disappointed when others let me down. It has allowed me to accept people as they are and not create unrealistic expectations that cause unnecessary friction. Most of all it has helped me in my business to get a better understanding of different personalities. It has taught me how to communicate much better according to where people are in life.
(S. Chisenga)

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